WAT! Operation Blackcock

The weekend's Lardy event has got me thinking about a What a Tanker! participation game with a historical theme, based on some of the ideas set out in recent issues of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy by none other than Mr Backhouse himself. I had been thinking about the potential for historical scenarios in WAT! already but Mark's articles have pushed me further down the road and have given me some ideas for an Operation Blackcock game, using a series of linked scenarios with a ladder of outcomes to tie them together.As a result, I've pushed the Cruel Seas project to one side for the moment to concentrate on building a troop of three Cromwells and a single Sherman Firefly of the 7th Armoured Division. These are all Armourfast kits, which I already had in the stock pile, with some extra detailing bits from Early War Miniatures and resin stowage to soup them up. I have a couple of weeks before Easter to get them built and, if possible, painted up in winter camouflage, ready to use against my existing Tigers, Pa

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