The bull and the shepherd - more 6mm L'Art de la Guerre

The Shepherd of the Sheepfold of Ur, and The Bull from the Sea, the Great Earth-shaker, got together for a 6mm L'Art de la Guerre rematch recently. Last time they fought, Lee's Sumerians decimated my Minoans. This time, I was rather hoping to turn the tables. Both armies had a pretty high break point of 27, so there was potential for a massive clash that could last all night. As it was, we did drag it on all night, but mostly thanks to the craic (and my wee lad being allowed to stay up late watching), rather than any grand strategies. I deployed with my Luwian command (using the Mycenaean list's Trojan options rather than the Myrmidon options this time) on the left, plonked in a marsh and on the slopes of a steep hill. Opposite them were ranged the best of the Sumerians: their heavy chariots and the ordinary heavy spearmen.In the centre was my block of heavy spearmen with a screen of skirmishers, facing the Sumerian mediocre heavy spearmen and mediocre bow.On my right were the Minoan heavy chariots

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