Unboxing Red Alert from PSC Games UK

Ok, I don't have fancy tech to do one of those video unboxings that are all rage on You Tube so if you can bear with me the following pics show the contents of the new game from PSC Games UK - Red Alert.As the front of the box discloses this is a game designed by Richard Borg, the man behind the Commands & Colors (to give it it's American spelling) series of games and this is his latest creation with Space Ships. Yippee!!This is a big heavy box!As can be seen from the bottom of the box there is a fair amount of kit in it.Off with the box lid and what's inside?A 44 page rule book.The rule book is in full colour, fully illustrated with 32 pages of rules and the remaining pages being some fluff and 10 scenarios to play through. Not had a complete read through it yet but it seems well laid out, full explanation of the various tokens used in the game, terrain effects,  unit organisation etc.2 double sided unit summary sheetsThese summary sheets set out the points values of the ship type, number of models

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