Battle Report: Arena Rex 3/25/2019 Ludus Magnus vs Legio XIII (3v3)

Wow, I cannot believe it has been three months since our last game of Arena Rex, and the first game of 2019, I do miss the quickness of the game play, I may have to remember that as I am shopping the aisle of the vendor hall at AdeptiCon this week.We played the scenario "Duellum" which we played once before back in October of 2018.Scenario: DuellumTwo Gladiators take center stage while their cohorts jockey for position and favor.  The grand melee begins when one of the duelists falls.Special Rules: Each player secretly selects one gladiator from their cohort to take part in the duel.  Dueling models may not voluntarily leave the duel zone.  No other models may enter the duel zone until one of the dueling gladiators is defeated or pushed completely outside of the zone.  Dueling models must be activated if they are Ready.Deployment: A 5" diameter ring is placed at the center of the arena, this is the duel zone.  The dueling gladiators are deployed in base contact with one

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