Salute Show Report

I'm a little late with the obligatory blog post on Salute, but here goes.  Last Saturday (April 6th), I was able to attend my first Salute given a business trip happened to coincide with the with the event.  I've always wanted to go to Salute and to be worried was a little apprehensive I'd be disappointed.  Those concerns were entirely misplaced as I had a blast.In addition to my first Salute there is a second "first" with this event - I've made my first video for Little Wars TV by "reporting" on the show for the channel.  Don't worry, you'll not have to suffer through any images of me but you will have to listen to my voice and odd sense of humor.  Please be kind in the comments on the video - I might get banned from further correspondent work if you're really tough on me - that includes you, Ray.  I'll add a link to the video when it gets posted. I've always heard about the awful line to get into to Salute and managed to arrive about 35 minutes early and found the queueing

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