Proposed Ghar Rebel army list changes

The, lucky, folks in the UK were recently attending an Antares Game Day but on by Warlord Games. Some of the rules for that event (also available in the event Player Pack PDF) may be working their way into the game. There are some possible changes to the SV values of Assault and Battle suits but I think that the most critical one is a change to the Support Teams. Ghar Rebel Weapon Teams must be attached to Black Guard Infantry squads and cannot appear as individual squads. Those teams will be available as a 25 point option and can have their weapons upgraded. This seems like a fairly minor change but it has one significant implication in that it will change the composition of Tactical units in the army. In one of my 1250 point Ghar Rebel army lists I have two Support Teams as Tactical Choice. Once I get my Mag Cannon Support Team painted I would probably have three Support Teams in a list. Without those I will need to replace those teams with either Black Guard, Rebel Squads or more Command teams. Without the

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