SBG issue 1 - Autumn 2014

A Middle-earth fanzine by the fans - for the fansI recently gotten into possession of the first 6 issues of this fanzine, produced by the guys of the GBHL YouTube channel, and I must say I was impressed.So I am doing a small, albeit perhaps late, review on the issues as I read through them, because they are so worth it for an MESBG lover as myself.  Now take into account, this magazine rose during the days of the The Hobbit edition of the game (aka, 5th edition) and while the game got some coverage in the White Dwarf on a monthly basis until the recent 'reboot'.  So there definitly was a market for this sort of fanzine, and it being both high quality AND printed makes me an instant fan.There are a lot of great articles in this issue, starting out with a great painting masterclass for white horses.Next up we get an article on the back then 10 most undercosted models in the game, in theory, and how they go up in the game.  Things like Woses Warriors are for example far undercosted, but no-one car

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