Continuing the trend.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.This week has been much of a continuation of last week... working and being tired due to lack of sleep.My wife has had a week off work and I was lucky enough to pick up a training course on the one day I had off... so we couldn't really get much done. Fortunately, we managed to go out for an evening at a local historic garden with Marie Curie. It was a good evening which consisted of a walk around the private areas of the garden followed by tea, cakes and a bit of a meet and greet with other Marie Curie fundraisers and committee members.Last Saturday, we popped over to see kittens at a friend's house and we are pleased to say that we are going to be bringing one home in a few weeks. His name is Alfie and here he is at the moment:Click the Pix!He's only four weeks old so it will be a few weeks before he comes home with us... but he is a little cutie.In other news, I got a pay rise... which is nice. I'm still really enjoying the work so I am hoping it can continue.Apart f

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