Generic Mudwall & Thatch Buildings from S T Cox Terrain

Starter Village - 10mm  South African Colonial Huts (SACH01-05)Set contains 5 models, 1x Small round colonial  hut (SACH01), 1x Medium  round colonial hut  (SACH02), 1x Large round colonial hut (SACH03), 1x Double round colonial hut (SACH04) and 1x Long colonial hut (SACH05).The Mudwall & Thatch buildings are also ideal for early European settlements too, making a great village for Gauls, Celts etc.Sold unpainted and  may require cleaning before use.Polyurethane Resin cast in Silicone rubber moulds with a wax releasing agent. Handle with care if allergic to any of the mentioned materials.S T Cox Terrain

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