Weekly Chronicle 2019 #15

With how busy my "real work" was last week, it was actually a pretty decent week for me on the hobby front.I did not play any games during the week (just wanted to relax after longer days at work), but I did manage to paint all 5 models for my Central City Villains and then I was able to play 3 games over the weekend.This past Saturday were games of Guild Ball and Aristeia! and then yesterday my son and I got in a game of Batman with a full 350 points (report coming later today).So I would say the week was really good.Unfortunately some bad news is that I am STILL waiting for my Cook's minor Guild to arrive for Guild Ball, this is ridiculous how long they are sitting at Customs, I should have picked them up at AdeptiCon and then cancelled my web pre-order, but I did not want to do that to Discount Games.  I was hoping to have 'Cinnamon' to use for Spring Fling in a few weeks, but that those not look like it is going to happen. It looks like this week/weekend I may be painting up some more Batman Min

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