Battleforce Recon 2019

Sunday I was over at the Dragon's Den participating in Battleforce Recon. Last year the event was held at Mana Bar, but Mana Bar has since closed... So they held it at the Den...It was pretty crowed back there... and this is before the War Wars: X-Wing guys showed up!I think there were around 24 players....?After the first round there was a break for lunch and everyone put out their armies on display. Last year I was the only one that brought a display board - this year, a lot of others had them! So many great armies!This was one of my favourites: Chad Jordan's Death Guard!Chaos Space MarinesMore Chaos Space MarinesSTILL More Chaos Space MarinesSone of STILL More Chaos Space MarinesI think these were Tom's Khorne Daemon HordeThere was at least one more Chaos player - they fellow with the Death Guard I played in Round One. Some just didn't put their stuff out on display....SO maybe 7 chaos...? about a third of the forces...?Ultramarines! I think there was at least one other Ultramarines player - or maybe Crims

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