[EN/PL] The first folk crusade. Part III The conflict with Hungary (1096) / I Wprawa ludowa. Część III Konflikt z Węgrami (1096r.) [V&V Miniatures: Pilgrims 1 set #1]

Hello everyone!I invite you to the second entry associated with the first folk crudade, which will be used for models received fromV&V Miniatures. Today first models from "Pilgrims 1" set. That's why I love models V&V Miniatures (I painted a V&V Viking a few years ago and Pilgrims 2 box):excellent quality of details (probably the best on the market in historical models made in resin in 28 mm),interesting poses that are certainly not boring.Miniatures can act as Pilgrims, Monks, poor brothers, beggars ... and they can be used in many battle wargames.If you dont know V&V Miniatures yet, check:https://vminiatures.com/https://www.facebook.com/groups/vminiatures/------------------------------------------------------------------------------The history of first folk crusade. Part IThe history of first folk crusade. Part IIPart III The conflict with HungaryThe massacres of Emich made a big impact in Europe. News of them also reached the Volkmar army, already on

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