The Brick that forced my Hand

Well, it has happened, and sooner then originally planned.A new home is in the nearby future, and that does cost a bit more then your average Games Workshop kit.  Because the sale agreement has been signed, now it's just a bunch of paperwork to get around.Now, I always said that the moment I would be buying bricks, I'm seriously going to cut down on my collections, basically keeping my Lord of the Rings as the "main" hobby project, and Burrows and Badgers as the "distraction" side project.  With the added bonus they can "share" their terrain.That will mean that a lot of just started, planned or not really active projects will get axed before they seriously started, and some others will be cut down to "playable" sizes instead of megalomaniac projects of thousands of points (I'm looking at you, Emperor's Children).I can't guarantee that won`t mean I`ll be building up or plain rebuilding forces again afterwards, but for now, also because there will be a lot of work to be done, some just won`t see any c

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