The Warriors Gate

The most recent film we found scrolling randomly through Netflix, is this French - Chinese action movie from 2016.The traditional story of a kid having to find his bravery, it is an enjoyable little film with nice action scenes and some good jokes (like the dumb henchmen executioner of the evil overlord).Jack Bronson is a teenager who spends his free time playing warrior video games and working at a Chinese curios and antiques shop. His mother is trying to sell the house they live in before it goes into foreclosure. When Jack goes to a biking park, Travis, a neighbourhood bully and his friends chase after him and he hides inside his bosses shop and helps out. A family heirloom, The Warriors Gate, from Mr Cheng’s cousin in Beijing arrives at the shop and he gives it to Jack as a gift.Jack goes to sleep with the thing in his room and wakes up with a sword at his neck. A warrior, Zhao  tells him that the ‘Black Knight’ has to look after the most precious thing in the kingdom; the Princess. Jack gets

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