The Pearl of the Antillies. - The Haiti Campaign - End of Day Six - 6th August 1791

The sun sets on day 6 as factions go into a day of recruiting but not before in the North of Haiti the Slave army of Dutty Boukman attacks the French forces holding the Fort at Bahon....  In later years there was an extensive building programme to defend against future French invasions, but bad news for the Viscount de Blanchelande the fort on our battle won't be this impressive. The French Royalist forces whilst out numbered perhaps as much as 2:1 do have the advantage of defending and have the newly acquired cannon to add to their forces.But the Slave forces are lead by the infamous Dutty Boukman.Boukman born in Jamaica he was sold to a plantation in Saint-Domingue after he was caught teaching enslaved Africans to read. The moniker “Bookman/Boukman” was an indication of how slave owners viewed enslaved Blacks at the time who knew how to read.One of the early leaders of the revolution he said to have declared at one of the meetings at Bois-Caimon, "God who has created the shining sun above

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