Stonehenge - A Neolithic wonderland

Day two of the Museum Crawl and we visited Stonehenge, a World Heritage site and the jewel in the crown of English Heritage. Once again we were taking advantage of a gift membership saving ourselves a considerable sum. We visited the site a few years ago and have wanted to come back ever since.I am fascinated by the developing archaeological work that has been taking place here for decades. Interpretation of the site has been constantly evolving as our understanding of the wider landscape has grown. There is still more to learn and discover; Stonehenge clearly hasn't given up all its secrets yet.We arrived early and had absolutely glorious weather for our visit.The Young Padawan looking suitably impressed!There is also a small museum and living history encampment by the visitor centre.A few years ago English Heritage moved their visitor centre away from the stone circle, in part restoring the Neolithic landscape and (in my humble opinion) improving the visitor experience. Arguments about whether to divert, or

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