Troll hunt

My son asked me for another game and this time we played the scenario Troll hunt, using the same warbands as before.I quit its invulnerability trait and gave it Berserk instead, but the troll was still a very tough nut to crack. As much as I tried I never could kill it.The terrain was open woods 1 and thick thorny bushes 2. My son was a bit shy in his advance towards the troll as he was scared of it, and that allowed me to get it first. I surrounded to gain maximum majority advantage, and sent forward a few Orcs to delay my son's barbarians. The barbarians getting through to the troll.As in the previous game, the barbarians massacred all the Orcs and in the end the troll as well, granting a victory to my son.This game was less fun than Breakthrough because we all went for the troll and concentrated in a big melee in the middle of the board. But my son still wants to paint some dwarves and play a full campaign in July. I have to try different warbands but first I also need to paint them.

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