Wizard's Tower: Part Two - Painting

The painting of Steve's Tower was very simple.  The first step (which I have no pictures of) was to cover the entire piece in a primer made of 50% cheap craft paint and 50% Modge Podge matte finish.  This provides both a nice black primer to cover up the pink and white EPS and also hardens the foam a bit to make the piece a bit more durable.  I got this idea form the Jeremy's Black Magic Craft Youtube channel and am using it for almost all of my terrain related projects.Because the surface is so uneven, I do the priming in two steps - a thinned down version is first applied and allowed to dry and then a full strength one is applied over the top.  The definition of thinned down is a dip my brush in the 50/50 mixture and then dip it again in some water before painting it on.  I used a 1" brush as priming terrain isn't exactly precision work.Once the primer has been given 24 hours to dry, the next step is to paint the whole thing a medium grey, dry brush a light grey and black wash.This

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