Bob Naismith old fantasy sculpts....updated.

I was very lucky to pick up a collection of Bob's fantasy sculpts....including the dragon at thought I'd update the original post....problem is you don't know an earlier post has been updated unless you go and look for it...curses. So, I've copied the original text, expanded a little and added the new pics......still a couple of 'not sure' sculpts which could do with some confirmation......Back in the late 70s and early 80s Bob sculpted a number of now out of production fantasy pieces for various companies. I am led to believe he first sculpted for Wargames Publications (Scotland) Ltd. He sculpted a large amount of historical, both in 15mm and 25mm under 'Naismith Design' label which were distributed by Navwar Productions Limited. The 15mm are mostly still available however the 25mm are long gone and Navwar have never been able to supply any information regarding the masters etc. I would assume they are gathering dust in one of Bob's Highland hideaways......the man is a true Scot through and

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