There will be an awful row about this.......A Zulu Victory

We played our first proper game of Ospreys "the Men Who Would Be Kings " last night at Sheffield Wargames Society . I Umpired whilst Ian took the part of the British and John over saw the Zulu Impi  , we used the Run to the Hills scenarios ,with afew amendments for the AZW not in the main rule book . Ian had 3 British Regular units one with the sharpshooter trait and 2 NNC units ,Johns Impi consisted of 3 married and 3 unmarried regiments .Things got off to a bad start for the Brits with each unit rolling for thier leadership trait which consisted of Drunkards ,Brutal and Ugly leaders ,the Zulus faired a lot better .Surprisingly the first kills of the game came from a unit of NNC taking out 3 Zulus ,after that things went down hill quickly for the British with a lot of bad dice rolls and the Zulus making good use of the go to ground rule to get close to the red coats. The game only lasted 6 turns before the Zulus over ran the galent forces of Queen Victoria ,one unit of NNC fled the field but everyone el

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