What Lurks Below? Specimen Gathering Scenario

THE HOLLOW EARTH!Table was set for a specimen gathering scenarioAll forms forgotten machinery lay left behindThe scenario has 7 players each with a 500 pt Where Heroes Dare! Team of explorers.Another view of the table.Kong Fangs teamCaptain Biggles teamAllan Quartermains teamThe Phantoms teamPlayers enter the Stygian jungle from the sides of the table.Kinzo Slice’s team, long veterans of the Hollow Earth, move forward toward the Dare! Locations.Captain Biggles team advances.The Phantom’s team discovers a carcass, this can’t be good. They are attacked by a giant flying terodon and the dog Devil is carried off!Quartermain’s team moves on a Dare! Location.Kong Fangs team finds a dinosaur nest, 4 victory points if they can be held till end of the game!Biggles has other plans for those eggs...A Spinosaurus attacks the Phantoms team!A Cromag woman is rescued from sacrifice by Quartermains team!Kinzo’s team squares off against an Ornithopod!And downs it!Another terror attacks Captain Biggles team, Kong Fang watches

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