Saxe-Ducal Hussars 1809-12

Another rebase and touch up unit. First painted around 1995 for a Napoleonic campaign, I required some Gendarmes to patrol the interior lines, so looking through the Confederation troops I found the Saxon Ducal Hussars. Happy with how these figures have tarted up, I added a fanion from a later formation of Saxe Weimar formation. Next unit upgrade more Cuirassiers !The saxe-ducal hussars were a police/gendarme formation numbering between 30- 60 men total. Below is information from several sources, all these are from the Napoleon series.GOETZ (F.) -- Uebersicht der sämmtlichen Abbildungen des Grossherzoglich. Sächsischen Militärs in dem Zeitraum von 1775 bis 1825. (Overview of all Illustrations of the Grand Duchy. Saxon Military in the Period from 1775 until 1825.) -- Weimar, s. d. -- Album, in-folio enlarged, containing 17 pages of text and 20 plates (F. Goetz del.), dedicated to His Highness the Grand-Duke of Saxe-Weimer-Eisenach.. N° 4. Husaren, von 1775 bis 1806. (Hussar, from 1775 to 1806.) N° 9. Husaren,

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