More Dire Avengers

It's the Victoria Day long weekend her in Canada and I stayed up stupid late last night to finish up this latest batch of Dire Avengers....Two batches of five old metal Dire Avengers models from Games workshop.The two groups will join my two existing squads to make two squads of TEN!I do have a few more Dire Avengers (5 or 6?), which, at some point, I'll paint up to use as a third squad... and some day I might try to track down a few more figures to make it a full unit of ten as well...For now, this completes the force I'll be taking to the Strange Bedfellows Team Tournament in June.Base Detachment - Biel-Tim (as Biel-Tan).My 1000-point Asuryani "Base Detachment" force for the Strange Bedfellows Team Tournament in June. This includes:HQ (1-2)FarseerWarlockTroops (2-4)Dire Avenger(10)Dire Avenger (10)Rangers (9)Elites (0-1)Wraithguard (6)Fast Attack (0-1)Warp Spiders (10)Heavy Support (0-1)WraithlordMy entire War Host (so far)...HQAutarchFarseer2 WarlocksTroopsDire Avenger(10)Dire Avenger (10)Rangers (10)Range

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