T`au SEED Destiny: ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited

My latest unit in my Gundam SEED Destiny inspired T`au army, this is the first set of 3 Battlesuits that will become my force's mainstay units.Basicaly standard Crisis suits, and they have the option to add an extra armoured suit.So to represent the special upgraded 2+ suit, I used an old commander head for the `leader` of the squad, and armed him with the Cyclonic Ion Blaster, a bit of the T'au equivalent of a plasmagun as it has the danger of overloading and wounding the bearer.  The other two come with the Burst cannons to lay down a serious amount of firepower with the unit.They also have Missile Pods each, but more importantly, and together with the 'horn' on the head of the leader, they have shields.Joining the squad are six drones, in the form of 2 Marker Drones and 4 Gun Drones.And those let me to teh completed unit, good for 254 points to add to the tally...The Inspiration:The GOUF, a mass produced, more close combat orientated suit that usually works in unison with the ZAKU.  They are ofte

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