Congo Gulch: Little Round Top

Bruce had me over for another test drive of his old west adaptation of Congo. This time the scenario was Little Round Top. The visiting team arrived from the left and top of the board. The only home team units were in the village at the bottom right. Other home team units could appear on a die roll.For example, rights behind my set up area on turn two. Leading to......this rather difficult tactical issue.The overall thrust of the game was that the visitor units moved down the right side and across the bottom of the table while home-team units ambushed or chased them. Having to constantly adjust to the home-team units appearing was a good and stressful mechanic ("Oh God, they appear WHERE this turn? Oh no. OH NO!").The unit of burros below was completely wiped out in an ambush (removing 1/5th of my overall force in a single turn). Fortunately, the dice were swingy.One unit of visitors made a stand on a hill and managed to push back (and eventually eliminate) the home-team unit through concentrated rifle fire.T

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