Soviet Torpedo Bombers for Cruel Seas

For some reason the writers of Cruel Seas decided to  make the Il-2 Shturmovik the default aircraft in the rules, despite the fact that they weren't really used in a maritime role, except on an ad-hoc basis and as a non-operational torpedo armed variant. So, I have decided to not use the model that is supplied with the Soviet starter set and instead will be fielding the IL-4T, a proper torpedo strike variant of the standard Il-4 medium bomber. I have three Scotia Collectair Il-2 models that were in a bundle of 1/300th scale Soviet aircraft that I picked up from the Bring and Buy at Colours a couple of years ago. These are surplus to requirements as the other aircraft are slated for Bag the Hun in the Winter War. They are really nice models and I might as well make good  use of them, adding a torpedo to the ventral centreline and basing them on transparent plastic GW flight stands, using magnets so that I can use them for Bag the Hun as well.I will rate them as the equivalent of the Bristol Beau

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