Priming and basing

So my base order finally showed up from the UK yesterday. No fault of Warbases who sent the parcel promptly but between Royal Mail and Canada Post it almost took a month to arrive. At least it is here. I have been holding off on any more painting because I ran out of bases and so yesterday and today has been spent basing minis and then hitting them with primer to get them ready for the paint queue. So far today I have based close to 60 Dwarf miniatures, 36 Goblins and 18 Squigs. I also started assembling a unit of 10 Goblin Wolfriders but I will be painting the wolves first and then attaching and painting the riders. First up on the painting table is a unit of 12 Dwarves with axes and shields. Once I get a few more Goblins based, as well as some trolls, I may have enough done (just not painted) to run a game of Dragon Rampant with the twins.

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