This Just in from Paizo Kingmaker extension!

Hello, Thanks for the all the Kingmaker 10th Anniversary crowdfunding campaign press! The Level-ups keep going… so we’ve decided to extend it to midnight on June 4th (Pacific). That’s one of the advantages of running the campaign on Game On Tabletop. It is late in the day on Friday, so please consider this a simple courtesy, not a attempt at breaking news. I’ve copied the announcement here for you: “When we first launched the Kingmaker 10th Anniversary campaign on Game On Tabletop, we heard from Pathfinder players worldwide wondering why the campaign was only two weeks. For some, the campaign timing didn’t match their paycheck deposits. Others didn’t hear about the campaign until much later. Many others still haven’t heard about it. With PaizoCon beginning next week and UK Games Expo the week after, Paizo and Game On Tabletop have decided to extend the campaign through those events to allow more time to unlock greater value for backers—and to give everyone more time. The campaign

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