Training Day II

A pleasant evening to head out to the club last night, I jumped into another Black Powder game so that Julian and Rob could hone their skills before Glasgow, I once again took charge of part of the French Guard. A simple table with the Allies ensconced behind a wall of hedges while we attempted to move them.Julian was in the middle and Andy took our left, I had the right and sent my men forward slowly, I wanted to play my artillery on the enemy before charging home, this plan seemed to be working fine and cannonballs crashed into a large British battalion opposite me. The cannon fire was so good the British sent a small unit of skirmishers to harry my gunners but it did them no good as they fell victims to grapeshot. I was just about ready to carry out my plan when another French battalion on my left masked my guns leaving them with no targets except some British guns on a hill, not who I wanted to shoot at. No matter, I charged regardless, in Black Powder you can only fight one on one unless the units are sm

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