Fistful of Lead: Big Battles!

 A quite village...for now Allied forcesThe German EmpireHad another great play test, another great battle.6 players. 16 units on the table including armored contraptions and flyers, all fought to conclusion in 2 1/2 hours with drinking and BSing included. Upright Citizen's Brigade. Rated as d8s. They couldn't seem to keep going Low on Ammo. Makes sense. Contraption fight! The Killenkanners torn the Allied mech open with his Kannenopener French in the ruins Naval Brigade in action Luftmarines introduce themselves to the locals Rokkittruppen land with only one loss from their experimental jetpacks The Empress's Own Lady Hussars moments before their are wiped out to a man (er, woman)...Few more play tests. Few more rules to tidy it up. Might run a game at RECRUITs.

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