Dark Angels - Redemptor Dreadnought Big Build - TO DONE!

Building models alwaysfeels like a day job to me but most of my hobby time is at night. I'd got to the point where I needed to do his pose and that had to be the obligatory 'standing on something' that is all the rage. Of course that becomes fiddly, cutting plastic pegs off to allow joints to rotate, trying to old poses in place while poly-cement and super-glue dry, but somehow I managed it.I have to admit I do like this dreadnought. When it was first revealed I wasn't fussed but having one it seemed churlish not to build it and it's deceptively bulky too. I was easilt convinced it was bigger than my Warglaives, but it's shorter - clearly the extra bulk adds a few inches in height.To that end I may call him Brother Jacamo. His main weapon is just push fit but the others are glued in - 8 Storm Bolter shots seems the better fit than the FragstormMy only issue is the ball of the waist joint is almost out of the socket. Not sure if I need to disguise this somehow, possibly greenstuff ribbed tubing, as if it's a f

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