Age of Magic army lists

My copy of Age of Magic showed up yesterday and after a good read of the book I sat down and put together some tentative army lists for the Dwarf and Goblin forces that I have. These are just going to be test armies and I am going to try to use my existing figures and not but anything new. The aim is going to be to get these painted and get in some games. In order to test the Age of Magic rules out though I will have to play with unpainted minis. Goblin – Horde The best list for the Goblins in the Horde army. None of the other army lists really have the feel of a Goblin force. Here is what I am planning to build and test out. (free) Warlord – Mount Beast (4 Warriors) Champion – Mount Animal (1) Sorcerer (1) 4 Berserkers – Hearthguard (1) 4 Berserkers – Hearthguard (1) 4 Warriors – Mount Animal Composite Bow (1) 8 Warriors (1) 12 Levies – Bow (1) 6 Levies – Bow (6 Levies) Warmachine – Static (1) 2 Creatures – Biped The Berserkers are going to be Squ

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