MonsterCon 2019 - 40k doubles results

Another fine weekend of wargames at MonsterCon 2019. The tournament introduced the first ITC doubles format to the country and it was a splendid success by all accounts. The reports from all the competitors seemed up beat and positive, which is great feedback to continue with the format. Plus the 3 games my team played was probably the some of the best action in 40k on the table top for a fair while. Some truly spectacular games were played.Thank you to all the competitors and the Umpires that helped to make the tournament such a enjoyment. Also a massive nod to our sponsors for making it happen as well over the weekend. Spellbound Games & Vagabond Games are champions, and their links will follow the post. Go and shop with them as they will have exclusive discounts for the tournament faithful and also some awesome pricing for your hobby needs.Here follows the results and big ups to those new and familiar to our tournaments. Come join us for more fun in our future events. Congratulations to all the victors

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