The Orville season 2

After the funny first season, the Star Trek parody returned for a second run...... and started to take itself to seriously.While it has been known that Star Trek Discovery suffered a bit from the "finding their place" syndrome in the first season, before coming back strong in the second, the Orville seems to have the other way round.  From a comedy show in space, it has changed into a Voyager style show, and no offense, that series actually had funnier episodes over it's run (or for that matter, DS had heaps whenever Ferengi got involved) then this season.Surely it does feature a lot of great guest stars, including more Star Trek alumi (hello Tuvok, counselor Troy) but in the end, it just became serious sci-fi with an overarcing alien invasion in the second part, and even two time-travelling (okay, so the one Malloy goes to meet a women from our time wasn't technically real time travel) episodes.Did all this make the Orville a bad season?  Totally not, as we enjoyed it, but it just isn't there for l

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