The Cinderella Cattle Company - This is no fairy tale.

Another outing for Legends of the Old West and the occasional campaign game in the region around Dead Man's Gulch. Today's outing see's the Cinderella Cattle Company venturing out to secure a number of their lost cattle who have been acquired by the Mexican Army...…Don't listen to the Mexican government who will tell you it was a vicious raid on the legitimate government who were simply garrisoning the (wall) border it's all fake news :-)The Cinderella Cattle company under Trail Boss - Tom Kelfer supported by Green Horn's, Buckaroo's and Cowpokes. Plus Stinky Pete the Cookie.The outpost with it's sole guard wandering aimlessly around and the returning wagon and patrol no doubt with some else's property to add to their rations......After several moves of sneaking around the perimeter, the cattlemen hide amongst the cattle and tall grass as the Mexican soldiers walk their horses to the stable.As the Federal troops near the stables Tom calls out to his men to open fire, his men blaze away and take down the unsus

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