Promethium resource log 2018

Back in the day there was a very popular book called 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾'. Adrian, obviously going through bodily changes at that age takes regular measurements of his private parts and records the continually varying results in a graph, that he hides in plain sight, on his wall, marked “Norwegian Leather Exports”. Now don't worry, I've not done the same but I have been whimsically creative about the title of my sleep log, so I give you my Promethium resource log.You may recall my number 1 hobby goal this season was to try to create a better hobby/life balance and in particular that meant more sleep. Sure I have managed on roughly 5 hours a night for quite a few years but that just isn't sustainable. I'm not getting younger and changes to my commute make it just that little bit more challenging and tiring. They also say lack of sleep can reduce your life expectancy - which is worrying but if an extra 3 or 4 years equates to extra sleep you're still unconcious while you're living longer.

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