Nice little Boaties - Modelling 1/2400 warships for wargaming 1650-1720

Royal Charles 2nd Rate -the sixth attempt. 1st Rate on the right, my first attempt - many learns in between.Taking the title from Gunter Heim's description of the models featured on the 'Sink the Dreadnought' piece, I can do nothing but agree. The 1/2400 scale models from Tumbling Dice representing ships of the Anglo Dutch War period are good for circa 1640 - 1720 I would say. Many were built in the 1650s and lasted well into the next century.A Dutch HeokerThe conflicts they fought in are perfect for my interest and therefore that of many followers of this blog. The English Commonwealth, The Restoration, The Anglo Dutch Wars, The Sedgemoor Rebellion, The Glorious Revolution, The Nine Years War, Ireland 1688-1692, The American Colonies, The Caribbean, Darien, African and Asian Trade Wars, The Scanian War, The Great Northern War, The War of the Spanish Succession and of course Hollywood history such as Pirates of the Caribbean.The models are deceptively simple castings however, when you come to paint them, the

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