Broadside 2019 & The Battle of Killiecrankie 1689

Last Sunday saw the Rejects drive down to Sittingbourne for the Broadside Wargaming show. It was my turn to put on a game. After much deliberation (with myself) I chose to demo "The Battle of Killiecrankie"using Beneath the Lily Banners v3 The War of Three Kings.I painted up all the Scots a few years ago and recently finished off the last few Williamite regts.Postie was bitching that I didn't make bespoke terrain like he and Lee had for our last 2 Broadside game. I totally ignored him and used Posties normal gaming terrain that we use each week when we play. I've gotta admit to being very pleased with the results.Richard and Surj played the historical losers of the battle the Williamites.John and Dave played the Jacobites. With BigLee dipping in and out.I put in an optional rule of an initial bombardment. They threw a D6 and compared in to the chart 1=0 2,3=1 4,5=2 6=3. They threw a 3 giving them only 1 turn of artillery before the game started. They did manage to knock off 2 casualties on Locheils regt thoug

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