Shadow War Campaign Final Mission Part Three

When we last left the Shadow War Campaign Final Mission, the Sisters of Battle had taken the lead having captured their primary objective and carried it off the table via their deployment zone.Part one, covering the mission and deployment is here.Part two is here.When we left things in Part Three, the Sisters of Battle had just carried their Primary Objective off the table, securing them 3 victory points. As they were in second position on the leader board, that meant any other Kill Team than the Orks needed 4 Victory Points to beat them and win the campaign.Enough Orks had recovered to try and drag their primary objective, the Doomsday Device, back towards the table edge. But they were now coming under attack from Blood Angel Scouts and Tau, both of whom needed to go through the Orks to get their own objectives and both of whom needed to stop the Orks if they were going to win the campaign.But despite the heavy attack, the Orks kept struggling on.Meanwhile, having lost the Data Bank that was their primary ob

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