Mecha Monday: Drachen WHISPER

The Drachen WHISPER is a product of the Draconian War. The combined forces of both rebel Draconians and outlaw pirates in the opening weeks of the war were tough and driven fighters. They had taken over a dozen city-states, and then moved on one of the larger population centers. They completely overran the city-state of New Berlin in a matter of hours. Out of the chaos, a group of four WHISPERs were able to fight a prolonged three-hour engagement with the pirates, buying enough time for more civilians to evacuate the city's confined streets. These WHISPERs were the first sighting of the Drachen. Two of the pilots were killed in action, with the remaining pair escaping to the wastelands leading to the southern marshes. Once there, they made contact with troops from Alsafi. Their pilots and maintenance crew revealed they had the entire production program and design specifications for the Drachen in hand. They promised to give Alsafi's governor, Dumas, and troops the specifications for mass fabrication, on one c

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