Wonder what Old Glory casting facility looked like?

Here are the picture the Russ Dunaway posted on face book.  Know I know where all my money went...lol..Here are three photos for you to look at where tons of Napoleonic toys in four scales are born. 1. One is the outside of the Old Glory factory where for the last 30 years we have sent out literally millions of little army men to all the good little wargaming boys and girls.2. A shot of just one of the casting rooms after the crew left for the day with stacks of sprues full of cool little army men.3. Faithful shipper Connie, being given a hand ( or in this case a paw) from midnight the shop cat and mouser-- that Teresa Gregory ( the resident Old Glory tech wizard) rescued about 9 years ago -- preparing just a part of of "Big Andy's" of Old Glory UK shipment of cool shiny toys for all the good people across the not so small pond.Hope you enjoy !!!Russ Dunaway

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