Ramming the Boom

HMS Polythemus ramming a boom 1885I've been thinking about another game of Broadside and Ram, set in my counterfactual 1870's Anglo-French conflict, and thought I'd try something a bit different. The idea would be to have a small raiding force attacking an isolated British or French anchorage protected by a log and chain boom, which would have to be rammed and broken by the raiders, who would be equipped with a suitable vessel for the job. The exact details are a bit sketchy but I'm sure I can work something out. I'd have to come up with some simple rules for the ramming of the boom but there's a compatible system in Dahlgren and Columbiad that I could adapt. I'd also need to model the boom and some coastline for it to be attached to, along with a shore battery or two for the defending player. I already have some French ironclad rams too. This is all not too difficult to sort out, so I think it's eminently do-able!

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