Well... Now What...?

Well now that the Drukhari are painted (well... enough to play with) and Strange Bedfellows is out of the way it’s time to start re-assessing and figuring out what I’m going to do for the next few months – or even the rest of the year…? And Beyond?!)NECROMUNDANecromunda has captured my imagination for the time being, and I have gone ALL IN! In addition to picking up all the cure rulebooks at my FLGS, I went back and bought the base box game – for all the cards and tokens and terrain bits and boards… and I know Keira would want the Esher gang… and the Goliaths… well… they’ll get used for SOMETHING!?I also scoured eBay for a number of items I needed to for special characters and stuff to finish up a few gangs of my own.To kick things off I thought I’d start a small summer campaign. Seven weeks as per the suggested length for a Dominion Campaign. Try and find a half-dozen friends to play. Probably start that around 13 July and end on 31 August. This will be to try out the system with a manageable number of reaso

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