Drukhari Wych Cult

A little over a year ago, Amanda and I bought a used (mostly assembled, but entirely unpainted) Dukhari force of a local dude that wanted to offload them. From this I did paint up a Kill Team for her to use last fall, but very little movement had been made since then... Until now...This weekend was the Strange Bedfellows 40K Team Tournament, and we decided to enter a FAMILY team. Unfortunately, Amanda was away in the U.S. at a Yoga thing, but she said it would be okay for Finnegan to make use of her Drukhari so we could field an all Aeldari team. (If she hadn't been away, it might have been me and Keira with Asuryani, Amanda with the Drukhari and Finnegan with his ORKS!!). Instead we teamed up with our friend Other Tim and his Alaitoc Asuryani.Over the last six weeks I cranked out this entire 1000 point Drukhari force. I've previously posted the Reavers and Hellions (and Lelith Hespirax, even though she wasn't needed for the force). Here, for the first time, is the ENTIRE 1000 point Drukhari force - including

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