Yet more terrain

I've been working on more terrain elements for my 6mm To the Strongest! games. Having made some smaller items a few weeks ago I wanted to make something a little larger that could be used as a significant terrain feature in a game. These are generic enough to be used in a number of scenarios. I'm probably going to make a lot more in the coming months as I'm hoping to significantly increase my storage and gaming space in the not too distant future (more on that in a couple of months).The Marshy StreamThis is a two-part model that can be combined to form a significant feature. I envisage this being used to branch off from a river and represent a bog draining into the river or a shallow valley filled with rough vegetation. The marsh forms a linear barrier that can't be crossed but the land around it is treated as rough terrain and can be traversed by some troops, albeit as a difficult activation.Large HillWell, it's a large hill...there's not much more that can be said about this. I've made this to sit along a t

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