Sandbox Skirmish

You probably think I'd abandoned this 15mm post-colonial / modern skirmish project, judging by the lack of posts about it for a while, but it's still very much ticking over in the background. In fact, I re-sprayed my British APC's and transport vehicles the other day in Halfords matt white undercoat, having had a re-think about the best way to paint them. I've also just expanded my small lead pile of 15mm Peter Pig US infantry, with some packs of squad leaders, medics, LMG gunners, AT4 launchers and a couple of Humvee's, to add to the handful of figures and M113 APC's that I already have. The latter are actually Israeli but they look the part and are lovely models, laden down with stowage and very much 'on campaign'. The idea is to set up a platoon sized force for No End in Sight and also Rory Crabb's Firefight:Modern rules, squeezing a bit more mileage out of the terrain I've been collecting together. There's no specific 'real world' conflict in mind, although Mogadishu is the mood music, so it wou

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