Tumbling Dice ships for Jasmund / Rugen 1864

I was asked about the Tumbling Dice models that I have used as proxies for the Prussian and Danish flotillas at Jasmund / Rugen in March 1864. While most of these are close enough in terms of size and appearance, there are one or two that I've had to include that are some way off, particularly the paddler Loreley. PrussiansNymphe (Screw Corvette) - ASV 11 Screw SloopArcona (Screw Corvette) - ASV 8 Small Frigate HMS ArrogantLoreley (Paddle Aviso) - ASV 16 Paddle CorvetteComet (1st Class Gunboat) - ASV 15 Screw CorvetteScorpion, Wespe, Pfeil, Hyane and Hay (2nd Class Gunboats) - ASV 13 Screw GunboatDanesSkjold (Screw Ship of the Line) - ASV 3 2nd Rate 90 gun HMS HeroSjaelland (Screw Frigate) - ASV 5 Frigate HMS PhoebeTordenskjold (Screw Frigate) - ASV 8 Small Frigate HMS ArrogantThor (Screw Corvette) - ASV 11 Screw SloopHeimdal (Screw Corvette) - as aboveA few compromises here and there but they do look the part and are more than adequate as stand ins for the real thing. I'm hoping

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