White Dwarf July 2019

Okay, so here we are again, after a month has passed by, the new White Dwarf has hit the shelves.And it is 40k again for a new army list and this time it is the Blood Ravens... so yeah, Imperium... AGAIN.  That makes actually every additional force rules so far, except for the Ynnari, to be for the Emperor's forces.  How boring is this becoming...On the flip side, one did get a free Munchkin card with the issue. As always, the triumvirate of the Editorial, Contact and Reader's Models kick off this months issues.In Worlds of Warhammer, we continue the look at the gods in Age of Sigmar, following last months instalment.And then we move to the Warhammer 40k section first, with Escape from the Warp having a look at the various insights of the game's playtesters.Raven`s Blood leads in this months army list by the form of a piece of short fiction.And then we get to Index Astartes, the Blood Ravens who where first seen in the 40k video games.  Still, it's more Space MarinesIt comes with the compa

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