Warhammer Underworlds - Ylthari's Guardians - Big Build - TO DONE!

As everything is so disrupted at the moment and I had officially admitted to myself I'd entered a mojo recession I did the only thing I could do - bought more toys! Ylthari's Guardians have long been on my mind and I thought I needed something to try and kickstart my mojo.All along I had plans to paint these at autumnal Silver Birch and luckily there are is a lot of art out there to help pin down that look. In fact too much because you can do the leaves yellow, orange, red or clearly a mixture. On top of that the Birch itself can be shaded in all sorts of ways from monochrome, to ivory or even turquoise shades. And that doesn't even take into account how to treat the ground, or how most of the Sylvaneth in the warband do not have smooth bark to do the little black marks on.And Spider-Man, into the Spider-verse threw in this inspiration. Not that it helped pin down what I was going to do.So I just went with what I was familiar with. Army Painter Skeleton Bone Primer zenithal highlight over Red Oxide. The

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