Rohan vs Last Alliance: Stand Your Ground MESBG Battle Companies BatRep

Once an alliance existed between the realms of Elf and Man, and on occasion those ancient bonds are honoured.  On one such occasion, a band of noble Elves of Rivendell and the last of the line of Numenor, blood that has all been spend, marched to battle once more to drive of a band of more uncivilised, even barbarian looking, men that where settling on the green meadows to graze their flocks of horses... but one night as they made camp, the Rohirrim struck!It's been a while since I took the field against Noshi, but as I had a tournament coming up on sunday, it was time for a uick fresh up of the basic rules.That full tournament report and how I fared will be posted tomorrow by the way...Noshi departed (slightly) from her Rivendell elves, as I still haven't obtained the required (metal) High Elf spearmen, and instead now fielded a force of Last Alliance troops.  A band I recently completed for the collection.  While this means she doesn't have two spear supporting troops, she also now has not on

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